What will you do this summer?

Summer Activities

Summer Activities

Finally, the summer holidays have started here in Baden-Württemberg!

What’s your favourite summer holiday activity?

Visit foreign countries? Sleep in late? Or spend quality time with your family?
Leave me a comment below (in English! 😉 ) with your favourite summer activity!

(Words in italics are explained at the bottom)

Summer Activities

Alterations © Nicole Heusser / Background picture © PublicDomainPicture on Pixabay / Sun © Nemo on Pixabay

Useful vocabulary (in alphabetical appearance)

foreign countries: fremde Länder
get in shape:
sich in Form bringen, fit werden
popsicle: Eis am Stiel
sleep in late: lange im Bett bleiben, ausschlafen
spend quality time with somebody: ein Teil seiner Zeit ganz jemandem widmen


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