Using Short Stories to Improve Your English

Do you think reading is boring? Try short stories!

short stories

Improve your English with short stories

Short stories are a fun way to improve your English!

Because they are short in length, there is usually no complicated plot to follow. Also, there won’t be too many details to confuse you. Short stories focus on one scene / topic.
What is more, you won’t get bored as easily, as the stories are, well, short 😉

You can find a lot different free short stories online, there’s something for every level 🙂

I’ve included a few links below:

EnglishClub (all levels)

World-English (mostly intermediate / advanced)

English for Students (beginner)

ABC Radio Short Story Project (intermediate / advanced)

English Library (intermediate / advanced)

The idea of reading in a foreign language can be very daunting at first. So starting your foreign language reading with a thick, 300 page tome is probably not a good idea 😉

Also, it’s better to do something for fifteen minutes every day, than for three hours once a week. (Much better for your attention span 😉 )
That’s why short stories are ideal. You can read one story at a time. If you read a lot of short stories you will also learn a lot of new vocabulary, as each story deals with a different topic.

Vocabulary (in order of appearance)

  • plot: (here) the series of events that form the story of a novel
  • topic: (here) the subject of the story
  • what is more: in addition
  • daunting: intimidating
  • tome: a large, heavy book
  • attention span: the length of time a person is able to concentrate on a particular activity or subject.

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