Thanksgiving Listening Exercise

thanksgivingLearn English with Youtube Videos #3

Watch the video below to learn more about Thanksgiving! Difficult vocabulary is explained below (in order of appearance)


  • to be familiar with something: (here) to know about something
  • pilgrims: (here) the group of people who first came to America on the Mayflower
  • annual: once a year
  • to bet that: (here) used to say that you are almost certain that people don’t know this fact
  • in honour of something: (here) organised in order to show respect and admiration for the pilgrims’ first harvest
  • harvest: the crops gathered on a farm. Crops are all plants which are grown as food, like grains etc.
  • venison: deer meat
  • fowl: a type of bird that is kept for its meat and eggs, for example a chicken
  • barley: a type of grain, used to make beer and whisky
  • plain: (here) served uncooked / without additional ingredients
  • subsequent: happening / coming after
  • to announce: to tell people publicly or officially about something
  • nursery rhyme: a traditional song or poem for children
  • diary: (here) a book filled with experiences, thoughts and memories of someone
  • recreate: to make something that existed in the past exist or seem to exist again
  • to wage a campaign: to start / continue a campaign, in order to achieve something
  • recipe: (here) an instruction which tells you how you cook / bake something.
  • stuffing: (here) a mixture of ingredients (bread, onions, herbs) which is placed inside a turkey to add flavour
  • staple: (here) something that is used widely and often
  • in the midst of sth: (here) while something is happening
  • to fix sth: (here) to decide on something (here a date) and arrange it
  • quirky: unusual and a bit strange, but in an interesting and appealing way
  • to grant a pardon to somebody: in the United States, the President or a governor have the power to forgive somebody who did something wrong and give them back their rights / freedom.
  • oval office: the office of the US President in the White House / used to refer to the President of the US
  • occupant: (here) the person who is currently the President of the United States
  • to give a reprieve: (here) to cancel the turkey’s death sentence
  • retirement: the period of time after you have permanently stopped your job or profession

Video source:
History Channel

Further reading:
Sara Josepha Hale
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