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Can You Think of…Animals (Vocabulary Building Worksheet)

Can You Think of…Animals (Free EFL Vocabulary Building Worksheet)

Worksheet Wednesday on Discover EnglishThis week’s worksheet is slightly different from the others I’ve published so far.
You have to answer ten questions about animals. But for each question, there is more than one possible answer.

So for example, the first question “Can you think of…one black animal?” could be answered with either raven, crow, horse (for example Black Beauty) etc.
Tip: the more animals you are looking for, the more specific you have to be to answer the question.

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UK Cities Kriss Kross

UK Cities Kriss Kross

Worksheet Wednesday on Discover EnglishThis week’s worksheet is a kriss kross or wordfit puzzle 🙂
To solve it, you have to fit the 30 UK cities into the grid.

Have you been to any of these cities? Do you know how to pronounce their names? Which city do you like best? What is special about it? Are there interesting landmarks / places of interest? Would you go there again?
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Packaging and Containers – German / English Vocabulary Crossword

Packaging and Containers EFL Crossword!

ESL CrosswordsFirst of all, I’m really sorry that I haven’t updated my blog for so long. Sometimes life throws you a curveball…
But now I’m back!
Every Wednesday I’ll post a new worksheet, either a crossword or something else entirely. There will be something for everyone 🙂

Today’s topic is food packaging and containers. It’s suitable for German speaking learners of English.

The key is included, so you can check your progress / results.
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