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Using Short Stories to Improve Your English

Do you think reading is boring? Try short stories!

short stories

Improve your English with short stories

Short stories are a fun way to improve your English!

Because they are short in length, there is usually no complicated plot to follow. Also, there won’t be too many details to confuse you. Short stories focus on one scene / topic.
What is more, you won’t get bored as easily, as the stories are, well, short 😉

You can find a lot different free short stories online, there’s something for every level 🙂
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Reading Sherlock Holmes

sherlock-holmes-OpenClipsThe weather is getting colder, the days shorter – for me the perfect time of the year to pick up a book and snuggle up in a comfy chair. And for some strange reason, I love to read literature classics in late autumn / winter.
Don’t ask me why 😀
(As usual words in italics are explained at the bottom of this post)
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The Four Language Skills

language-skills-200x200To learn a language (in this case English), you must master different language skills.

To communicate effectively, you need to be able to speak, write, read and listen.

Speaking and writing are productive language skills, this means that you have control over what you are saying or writing and the vocabulary you use.
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