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Using Short Stories to Improve Your English

Do you think reading is boring? Try short stories!

short stories

Improve your English with short stories

Short stories are a fun way to improve your English!

Because they are short in length, there is usually no complicated plot to follow. Also, there won’t be too many details to confuse you. Short stories focus on one scene / topic.
What is more, you won’t get bored as easily, as the stories are, well, short 😉

You can find a lot different free short stories online, there’s something for every level 🙂
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English Language Learning Strategies That Work: Finding the Right Motivation!

Strategy #1 – What Motivates You to Learn English?

140120-the-right-motivationThis is part one of a series about learning strategies.

I’ve recently watched two very interesting TEDxTalks on youtube. Two hyperpolyglots talked about learning languages. (Hyperpolyglots are people who can speak several languages) Which made me think about my own approach towards languages and learning strategies, and I realised that I use(d) mostly the same strategies. Some of them go hand in hand with each other, some of them work on their own.

To be successful, the first thing to do is fall in love with your work.
Sister Mary Lauretta
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Where to Find Free English Audio Books

audio books - picture: N. HeusserEnglish audio books are great to improve your listening skills! Especially when you’re pressed for time, but are looking for additional ways to improve and expand your vocabulary.

Listening to audio books has many advantages for language learners:
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Useful Online Dictionaries for Learners of English

dictionary-200x200In my lessons, I often get asked by students about online dictionaries. There are a lot of different dictionaries available online for free. That’s why I decided to compile this list.
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