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Telling the Time in English!

What Time Is It? The Time of Day and How to Ask for the Time

140202-clock-fullWe all live very busy lives these days. Usually a glance
at your watch tells you whether you’re going to be late for your next appointment. But what if you don’t wear a watch, and there’s no other clock in sight? Ask someone what time it is!
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Where to Find Free English Audio Books

audio books - picture: N. HeusserEnglish audio books are great to improve your listening skills! Especially when you’re pressed for time, but are looking for additional ways to improve and expand your vocabulary.

Listening to audio books has many advantages for language learners:
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Often Confused Words: Beside / Besides (with Quiz)

besides-besides-200x200Beside and besides are two words which are often confused by learners of English.

Beside means: next to, alongside, adjacent to (preposition).
Besides means: in addition to, apart from (preposition) /  anyway (adverb, used to give another reason or make an extra comment about something)

Let’s look at a few examples:
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