Street Books Mobile Libraries – Thursday documentary

Street Books Mobile Libraries – Learn English with Youtube Documentary

Street Books - Youtube Screenshot

Street Books – Youtube Screenshot

Time for another Thursday documentary!

Libraries are great, but what about those people who normally wouldn’t have access to libraries?




This week’s documentary is quite short, it’s only about 5 minutes long.
It’s a short film about a different kind of library. One that comes to the reader, no matter where they live.
But have a look yourself:

Again, to make it a bit easier for you, I’ve included a short summary below the video link..

Let me know what kind of documentaries you would like to see featured here in the future 🙂
Just leave me a comment below with your suggested topic(s).

Documentary summary:

Street Books is a short documentary by Travis Shields. Street Books are small bicycle-powered mobile libraries. The street librarians visit different places in Portland with their bicycles, where people live outside.
Two librarians explain how the portable library works, and a few customers talk about their love for reading. For them, it’s not just about providing books to vulnerable people, but also to engage them in conversations about what they’ve read, or would like to read.

If you think this is a great idea and would like to find out more about Street Books visit their website here: Street Books Mobile Library

Useful vocabulary to watch the documentary:

  • librarian: a person who works in a library
  • to operate (something): to make a machine (in this case bicycle mounted library) work
  • refreshing: (here) in a positive way different from usual
  • to escape: (here) to get away from an (unpleasant) situation, to not have to think about it anymore.
  • to be hung up: (slang!) delayed, overly involved / preoccupied
  • to solve something: to find an answer to a problem
  • income: the money a person earns
  • (hyper) bright: (informal) very intelligent
  • (super) articulate: (here) to be able to express yourself clearly when speaking
  • voracious reader: to read a lot to increase your knowledge
  • classics: (here) books written by authors such as Charles Dickens, Jane Eyre, Edgar Allan Poe etc.
  • to quit something: to stop doing something
  • barriers: (here) a problem, rule or situation that prevents people from doing something or denies them something
  • to trust somebody: to have confidence in somebody that they are honest and do the right thing.
  • to trade something out: to pay for something with goods, rather than money.
  • sucking real hard: (slang!) to be very bad

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