Packaging and Containers – German / English Vocabulary Crossword

Packaging and Containers EFL Crossword!

ESL CrosswordsFirst of all, I’m really sorry that I haven’t updated my blog for so long. Sometimes life throws you a curveball…
But now I’m back!
Every Wednesday I’ll post a new worksheet, either a crossword or something else entirely. There will be something for everyone 🙂

Today’s topic is food packaging and containers. It’s suitable for German speaking learners of English.

The key is included, so you can check your progress / results.

This week’s EFL crossword topic is packaging and containers. The crossword is suitable for German speaking learners of English.

This week’s ESL / EFL crossword: 150708 Packaging and Containers (opens printer friendly PDF)

If you’re a learner of English, you can use them to either learn new English vocabulary or for repetition.
If you’re an ESL / EFL teacher, feel free to use them for your classes. But please do not remove the copyright, and do NOT reupload in any other place. Thank you 🙂

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