130917-numbersIn English, there are three types of numbers: cardinalordinal and nominal numbers.

Cardinal numbers tell us “how many”, they indicate quantity and are used in all forms of counting that involve a total.

One apple
Twenty-six people attended the concert last Thursday.
5+5 = 10
Six out of ten people are afraid of spiders.


Ordinal numbers show where something is placed in a sequence; they show rank or position. Ordinal number are formed by adding -th to a cardinal number. First, second and third are the exeptions to the rule 😉 In numbers greater than twenty, you add the -th to the last part of the number e.g. twenty-fifth, two hundred and thirty-seventh.

Bryony is celebrating her twenty-first birthday in July.
Our crew won the rowing race, we came first!
The fifth of November is Guy Fawkes Night.

Nominal numbers are used to identify something only. They do not show quantity or rank.

Post- / zipcode: 71254 Ditzingen
Phone numbers
A player on a team: player number eleven just scored a goal!


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