The Maltese Falcon – Listening Exercise

Listening Exercise – The Maltese Falcon Movie Trailer

This is a free listening exercise for my students, or anyone else who might be interested in it. Movie trailers are great for these types of exercises, as they are short, and well, everyone loves movies 😉

Watch the movie trailer and fill in the gaps. You can post your suggestions in the comments below or, if you’re one of my students, you could also fill in the gaps in the Maltese Falcon Listening Exercise PDF and bring it along to the next lesson.

The Maltese Falcon Movie Trailer Transcript

Come closer. I want to talk to you. I’m going to tell you an ___1___ story.
The story of the Maltese Falcon. For 600 years the falcon has ___2___ the mystery of a fabulous ___3___ under its ___4___ wings.
I could ___5___ you a thousand ___6___ of the men and ___7___ who have ___8___ this evil bird.
But every story has the same ending. Murder.
Listen to these ___9___ people, all ___10___ by their ___11___ and ___12___, for the Maltese Falcon.
What have you ever given me, beside ___13___? Have you ever given me any of your ___14___,
any of the ___15___, haven’t you tried to buy my ___16___ with money and ___17___ else?
What ___18___ is there I can buy you with?
I don’t care who ___19___ who – I won’t ___20___ the sap for you.
I haven’t lived a good life, I’ve been bad, ___21___ than you could know.
We were talking about a lot more money than this.
There are more of us to be ___22___ care of now.
Well that might be, but, I’ve got the ___23___.
You may have the falcon, but we ___24___ have you.
I’ve taken all the riding from you I’m going to take. Get up and ___25___ it out!
Stop it, the police’ll be here any minute! Now ___26___!
How can you ___27___ me of such a terrible…
This isn’t the time for that ___28___ act, both of us sitting under the ___29___!

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