Frequently Misspelt Words (B)

Frequently misspelt words

Frequently misspelt words

Below is a list of words which are often misspelt when writing in English (British English). In the second part I’m going to look at words starting with the letter B.

Word definitons are given in the table below (in some cases, there is more than one definition, but to keep it as simple as possible I have only included the most relevant ones for learners of English).

If you would also like to have an example sentence for one (or more) of the described words, please leave me a comment below 🙂



Bachelor (noun): A man who has never married.
Bankruptcy (noun): A company can face bankruptcy if the company does not have enough money anymore to pay for its depts.
Beautiful (adj): Very attractive or pleasing.
Because (conj.): For the reason that… Used with a clause.
Belief (noun): A feeling of certainty that something is true. Also in religion or moral systems.
Believe (verb): If you believe in something, you think that it is true or real. See also “belief” above.
Bicycle (noun): A two-wheeled vehicle you can sit on. It has no motor, to move forward, you have to turn the pedals.
Breakfast (noun): First meal of the day. Eaten in the morning.
Breakthrough (noun): A sudden important development.
Breathe (verb): To inhale and exhale air through your lungs.
Britain (noun): England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.
Brochure (noun): A booklet or small magazine which contains pictures and information about a product or service.
Budget (noun): The amount of money that you have available to spend.
Build (verb): To make or create something from its parts.
Business (noun): An organization which buys and sells goods or provides a service.

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