English Grammar – Forming the Plural

Forming-the-PluralThe plural of a word is the form used when referring to more than one thing / person / animal. In English, there are several ways to form the plural correctly. (Words in bold are explained at the bottom)

In most cases, the plural is formed by adding-s” to the singular form of the noun.
E.g. book – books, table – tables, house – houses

For singular words that end in -s, -z, -ch or -sh, add the letters “-es”.
E.g. box – boxes, bush – bushes, frizz – frizzes, bus – buses

To form the plural of singular words ending in a consonant plus -y, remove the “y”
and substitute with “-ies” instead.
E.g. pony – ponies, party – parties

For singular words ending in -ife, remove the -fe and substitute with “-ves”.
E.g. life – lives, knife – knives

Some singular words ending in -f are made plural by adding “-ves”, but others just add “-s”.
E.g. hoof – hooves, leaf – leaves, roof – roofs, spoof – spoofs

And then of course, there are the irregular nouns…
E.g. cactus – cacti, fish – fish, tooth, teeth

But please, never, EVER use an apostrophe to form a plural!

Useful vocabulary (in alphabetical order):

to add: hinzufügen
bold: (here) Fettschrift
to refer to something: sich auf etwas beziehen
several: mehrere
spoof: Parodie, Veräppelung
substitute: ersetzen

And now it’s time to test your newly gained knowledge:

Forming the Plural - Quiz

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