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Spring Flowers – English Vocabulary Worksheet

Spring Flowers – Worksheet Wednesday

I love spring! The warmer temperatures, the increasingly longer days, as well as experiencing the awakening nature on long dog walks.

I also love flowers! 🙂 So this week’s worksheet is all about spring flowers.

This worksheet is suitable for German speaking learners of English who want to expand their English vocabulary.

Ich liebe Frühling! Die wärmeren Temperaturen, die länger werdenden Tage, sowie auf langen Hundespaziergängen die erwachende Natur zu erleben.
Blumen mag ich auch! 🙂 Drum geht’s in diesem Arbeitsblatt um Frühlingsblumen.
Das Arbeitsblatt ist geeignet für deutschsprachige Englischlernende, die gerne ihr englisches Vokabular erweitern möchten.

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Occupations EFL Crossword

Occupations German-English Crossword for EFL Students

Worksheet Wednesday on Discover English“What do you do (for a living)?” “I’m an English teacher.”
In this week’s EFL crossword you have to translate the German job descriptions to English.
Fort example Soldat = soldier.

This worksheet is suitable for pre-intermediate students and above whose L1 is German.
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Can You Think of…Animals (Vocabulary Building Worksheet)

Can You Think of…Animals (Free EFL Vocabulary Building Worksheet)

Worksheet Wednesday on Discover EnglishThis week’s worksheet is slightly different from the others I’ve published so far.
You have to answer ten questions about animals. But for each question, there is more than one possible answer.

So for example, the first question “Can you think of…one black animal?” could be answered with either raven, crow, horse (for example Black Beauty) etc.
Tip: the more animals you are looking for, the more specific you have to be to answer the question.

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Changing Verbs to Nouns EFL Crossword

Changing Verbs to Nouns – Word Transformation Crossword for EFL Students

Worksheet Wednesday on Discover EnglishWord transformation exercises can be quite challenging for English learners. There are many different types of word transformation exercises. Changing verbs to nouns is probably one of the easier ones.

Even though these kinds of exercises seem to be boring, they will help you to grow your English vocabulary.
But maybe solving a crossword is a bit more fun?
Tthis week’s free worksheet is a word transformation crossword, where you have to change verbs into nouns.
For example: to perceive (verb) will change into perception (noun)

This worksheet is suitable for pre-intermediate students and above.
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Winter Vocabulary EFL Crossword

Winter Vocabulary EFL Crossword

Worksheet Wednesday on Discover EnglishTechnically, it’s winter. But here in Baden-Wuerttemberg, it still feels more like autumn. No snow, far and wide. Instead, we’ve got lots of wet weather.

But because I quite like winter, I decided to dedicate the first worksheet of the year to winter 😉 In the hope that maybe it’ll snow soon 😀

This worksheet is suitable for beginner students and above.
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