Can You Think of…Animals (Vocabulary Building Worksheet)

Can You Think of…Animals (Free EFL Vocabulary Building Worksheet)

Worksheet Wednesday on Discover EnglishThis week’s worksheet is slightly different from the others I’ve published so far.
You have to answer ten questions about animals. But for each question, there is more than one possible answer.

So for example, the first question “Can you think of…one black animal?” could be answered with either raven, crow, horse (for example Black Beauty) etc.
Tip: the more animals you are looking for, the more specific you have to be to answer the question.

Another example, answering “Nine animals which can fly?” with bird is too generic. This answer doesn’t really give you enough options for the other eight animals you are looking for. A better answer would be owl, bat…etc.

Feel free to use a bilingual dictionary to help you 🙂

This worksheet is suitable for pre-intermediate students and above.

Let me know what you come up with in the comments below (or on facebook) and compare your answers with the sample key which will be published next week.

This week’s ESL / EFL worksheet: Can You Think of …Animals (opens printer friendly PDF)

Here you can find the key to last week’s Changing Verbs to Nouns EFL Crossword.
You can find the accompanying worksheet here.
The key to this week’s worksheet will be published with next week’s worksheet.

If you’re a learner of English, use the worksheets to improve your English vocabulary.
If you’re an ESL / EFL teacher, feel free to use them for your classes.
But please do not remove the copyright, and do NOT reupload in any other place.
Thank you 🙂

Vocabulary (in order of appearance)

  • generic: (hier) allgemein
  • bilingual dictionary: zweisprachiges Wörterbuch

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