5 Useful Free Business English Websites You Should Bookmark Right Now!

5 Useful Free Business English Websites You Should Bookmark Right Now!

Business-English-Exercises-WebsitesHappy (belated) New Year to everyone!

This year’s first blog post is a collection of free Business English websites I like and recommend to my Business English clients whenever they are interested in additional (online) exercises.

These are my current top five – enjoy! 🙂


Business English Site offers interactive exercises for beginners and intermediate students. Topics include: General Business English, sales and marketing, accounting and finance, information technology (IT), medical English and more: www.businessenglishsite.com

Podcasts, videos, interactive Business English exercises – BBC Learning English has it all! Suitable for all levels.

Blair English offers interactive reading comprehension and vocabulary exercises about a lot of business related topics: meetings, social English, negotiations, presentations, numbers and figures etc. Suitable for lower-intermediate students and above: Blair English

English Club is a website which offers a wide variety of General English exercises and tutorials. But there is also a section on Business English!
Want to know how to write a CV / covering letter? Or maybe you’re more interested in English grammar? There is usually an introduction / explanation, quiz or test, plus additional materials. Very useful!
One of my favourites for learners of all levels, but especially suitable for beginners / lower-intermediate students.

For those interested in financial English, Nonstop English offers interactive financial vocabulary quizzes. Suitable for upper-intermediate and advanced students.
But they don’t just offer financial English, there are many more quizzes to choose from! What’s especially nice is that you can choose your level at the start.

Let me know if you found this collection useful 🙂

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