10 Shakespearan Love Quotes for Valentine’s Day

shakespeare-WikilmagesFor today’s Valentine’s Day I first wanted to create a post about love idioms and romantic expressions. But then it struck me: “What might Shakespeare have said?”

Let’s find out 😉



shakespeare-Wikilmages-100px-hLove is blind, and lovers cannot see the pretty follies that themselves commit.
William Shakespeare – The Merchant of Venice
What does it mean: Quite often we are not able to see our mistakes or the stupid things we do when we are in love.

shakespeare-Wikilmages-100px-hHasty marriage seldom proveth well.
William Shakespeare – Henry VI, Part Three
What does it mean: We shouldn’t rush things. This is true for marriages but also for other things.


shakespeare-Wikilmages-100px-hStony limits cannot hold love out.
William Shakespeare – Romeo and Juliet
What does it mean: When two people truly love each other, they will find each other, no matter the difficulties they might have to overcome.


shakespeare-Wikilmages-100px-hThe course of true love never did run smooth.
William Shakespeare – A Midsummer Night’s Dream
What does it mean: Love is never easy, it will have its highs and lows.


shakespeare-Wikilmages-100px-hFriendship is constant in all other things
Save in the office and affairs of love.
William Shakespeare – Much Ado About Nothing
What does it mean: You can find friendship everywhere except when in love or at work.

shakespeare-Wikilmages-100px-hLove sought is good, but given unsought is better.
William Shakespeare – Twelfth Night
What does it mean: It’s good to look for love, but it’s even better if love comes to you unexpectedly.


shakespeare-Wikilmages-100px-hThe sight of lovers feedeth those in love.
William Shakespeare – As You Like It
What does it mean: When you are in love, and you see other people in love, it will enrich and feed your love.


shakespeare-Wikilmages-100px-hLove is merely a madness.
William Shakespeare – As You Like It
What does it mean: I think this one is pretty self explanatory.


shakespeare-Wikilmages-100px-hAll lovers swear more performance than they are able.
William Shakespeare – Troilus and Cressida
What does it mean: Lovers tend to exaggerate. Need I say more? 😉


shakespeare-Wikilmages-100px-hKindness in women, not their beauteous looks,
Shall win my love.
William Shakespeare – The Taming of the Shrew
What does it mean: True beauty comes from within. It’s not looks which are important, but the inner qualities of a woman. Of course this is also true for men!


Quote source and further reading:
“That is the Question” – The ultimate Shakespeare Quiz Book, 2004, Thomas Delise, Bounty Books, London

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